Metallic roofs

Roofs with style!

RTSI specializes in the installation of MAC roof coverings with concealed fasteners, and is always ready to tackle imposing challenges in the commercial and industrial sectors by working on buildings including inns, restaurants, and stores. With no visible screws, MAC roofs offer a more luxurious finish and prevent rust from infiltrating. We also offer roofs with visible screws for those with a more limited budget.

In the residential sector, RTSI focuses mainly on metal roofs to restore the beauty of ancestral homes. Metal roofs stand out due to their architectural design, refined look, and capacity to withstand the weather including UV rays, snow, rain, and wind. The recognized durability of metal roofs makes this an original excellent choice sought after by clients seeking quality.

When RTSI provides a quote, the client is always provided with a list of addresses where work has been done in the past. This way, people can then see for themselves the work that has been done and even discuss it with previous clients. After all, the most effective advertising is a job well done....

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