RTSI is a Sherbrooke-based business founded in 1968 by Rodrigue Tremblay and his wife Diane.

A visionary and extremely hard worker, Rodrigue Tremblay knew early on how to position RTSI as a leader in the installation of residential, commercial, and industrial cladding—so much so that the company has had to expand its offices and warehouse space three times in 20 years!

Born at the same time as the company, Stéphane Tremblay, who took over the family business in 2002, grew up amid the company culture and has worked there all his life, occupying every possible job—from truck driver to worksite foreman—while completing his studies in business administration. This dedication has provided him with a wealth of experience that today results in extensive knowledge of the market and its trends, as well as a comprehensive view of the various phases to be completed, translating into an ability to precisely estimate work costs and deadlines.

With a core belief in respecting its workers and maintaining a positive work environment, over time, RTSI has succeeded in developing and maintaining a solid team of professionals—some of them with 20 to 40 years of seniority!—who are training a dynamic, entrepreneurial up-and-coming workforce. With more than 40 employees and over 15 teams working across Quebec, RTSI has an outstanding reputation at worksites and is always immediately invited by general contractors to bid on their projects.

As a result, over the past few decades, RTSI has developed close partnerships with Canada’s largest suppliers and among its clients are the biggest general contractors, and its projects include hospitals, car dealerships, universities, restaurants, grocery stores, and pharmacies.

With 27 trucks, 16 trailers, 17 hydraulic platforms, 7 lifts, 1 crane and 5 elevated work platforms, RTSI owns one of the largest and most modern equipment and vehicle fleets in Quebec. This enables the company to undertake major work projects with flexibility and independence.

"RTSI is a collaborator of choice. Working with RTSI guarantees professional work at competitive prices and the assurance of a solution should a problem arise." Luc Auclair, President of Construction Longer