Knowledge become

Throughout its history, RTSI has known how to innovate and remain a leader in its field, by being among the first to possess different types of specialized equipment by introducing the first Alpolic products on the market in the form of composite panels, as well as introducing the first laminate panels.

Recently, to produce a complex design of highly stylized, multi-angled awnings for the Centre de Foires de Sherbrooke (exhibition centre), RTSI once again called on its ingenuity, using a scan to obtain a picture of the building’s complete structure. This produced such excellent results that RTSI plans to use this method often in the future.

In its ongoing search for new processes and new products, RTSI management visits international exhibitions on an annual basis, whether in the US, France, Germany, or elsewhere, all with a view to better serving its clients.

Finally, being a member of both the ACQ (Association de la construction du Québec) and the AERMQ (Association des entrepreneurs en revêtement métallique du Québec) ensures our clients that the work will be carried out according to professional standards of practice and that RTSI is up-to-date with technological innovations and best practices. RTSI President Stéphane Tremblay was a long-time board member of the AERMQ, its Chair for two years, and today sits on the committee. He has also been Vice-Chair of ACQ Estrie and sits on the trade contractors’ committee at the provincial ACQ.

“RTSI is a healthy company that never stops investing. Stéphane is a visionary who doesn’t hesitate to develop other niche markets, as was the case with aluminum panels, where he is now an industry leader because he was ahead of the competition by a few years.” VicWest

“We are proud to be associated with such a winning and innovative team.” GlassCell Isofab